Communication channels for the European single digital market – 2015

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4 June 2015
Programme overview 2015

Session teaser

Multilingual language technology ensures the crucial communication channel for the European Single Digital Market by bridging across regions and across borders

Session description

The goal of this session is to show and emphasize the role of multilingual language technologies as enabling one of the crucial communication channels for the European Single Digital Market, and powering its realization, operation and thriving. The presentation will outline the communication channels in the context of the Single Digital Market and the determined priorities for its realization. It will foster a discussion about the benefit and the importance of tackling and honoring the multinational, multilingual and multicultural aspects of Europe in the concept and realization of the Single Digital Market.

The expected outcome of the meeting is realizing that language is one of the crucial communication channels for the Single Digital Market of Europe that needs to be addressed in order to ensure proper information and business flow.



single digital market, language technology, communication channels, geo-blocking, language blocking, multilingualism, European commission priority

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Mariana Damova, Mozaika Ltd, CEO

Márta Nagy-Rothengass, European Commission, Head of Unit DG Connect

Johen Hummel, ESTeam, CEO, LT-Innovate, President

Philippe Walker, LT-Innovate, Secretary General

Laure LE BARS, SAP, Big Data Value Association (BDVA), Deputy President PPP

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Hashtag: #eurodigf1