Conflict management and dispute resolution

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No Name Affil./Org. SH-group Topic and sub-issues Description Remarks
17 Xianhong Hu UNESCO Intern. Org. Global Internet governance framework and principles -- UNESCO draft new concept on Internet Universality. UNESCO is canvassing a draft new concept of “Internet Universality”. For the Internet to fulfill its historic potential, it needs to achieve fully-fledged “Universality” based upon the strength and interdependence of the following: (i) the norm that the Internet is Human Rights-based, (ii) the norm that it is “Open”, (iii) the norm that highlights “Accessible to All”, and (iv) the norm that it is nurtured by Multi-stakeholder Participation. The “Internet Universality” concept has very specific value for UNESCO. As regards global debates on Internet governance, it can help UNESCO facilitate international multi-stakeholder cooperation, and highlight what the Organization can bring to the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda. (not a specific European but IGF topic)
24 Susanne von Mohnsdorff Federal Ministry of the interior, Germany Govern. Org. Questions of legal interoperability and the prospects of global data protection -- “Global Players - European Privacy?” -- “Dispute Resolution and Data Protection Law” Discussion on questions of legal interoperability and the prospects of global data protection (among others, the role of the General Data Protection Regulation, the Council of Europe Convention 108, Safe Harbour and global data protection principles) and on the question of how to improve the protection of users and the enforcement of their rights in the online world, e.g. by increasing the accountability of service providers and providing mandatory conflict settlement mechanisms.
26 Susanne von Mohnsdorff Federal Ministry of the Interior, Germany Govern. Org The availability of information on the Internet --
Exhibition of Results of the competition “Forgetting on the Internet” in addition to "Global Players-European Privacy?" and "Dispute Resolution and Data Protection Law".
This competition launched by the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the National Academy of Science and Engineering in 2012 triggered a major debate on the availability of information on the Internet. This debate has focused not so much on technical details, but on the appropriate awareness of the possibilities and risks presented by the Internet. Essays, poems, collages, videos and technical ideas on the different categories were received. A selection of contributions could be exhibited at EuroDIG to show that society closely follows this issue. Furthermore, they also serve as an appeal to political decision-makers to make use of this potential. Hence, the exhibition could serve as a meaningful complement to the expert panel discussions and take up relevant issues.
76 Lee Hibbard Council of Europe Europ. Org. Protecting the Internet from harm – Global Internet Cooperation and Governance Mechanisms