E-Participation in shaping a greener environment – Flash 12 2018

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6 June 2018 | 16:00-16:30
Consolidated programme 2018

Session teaser

Why is shaping a greener digital environment important? Haw to shape Greener Digital Environment?

During the session participants will be given the opportunity to share successful examples, ideas, present it in front of an audience.

This session will be a platform for sharing and taking information.


  • Exchange views and best practices
  • Online Participation in decision making
  • Youth Participation in Digital Age
  • Eco-friendly
  • Digital
  • Environment
  • Participation
  • Development
  • Digital Economy

Session description

  • Opening ( explaining session style)
  • Collection presentation ideas on the flipchart or digitally by online participation (must be projected)
  • Presentations (max 3-5 minute, depends...) there will be online or offline collection questions.

During the session everyone can submit proposals to participate, it will be collected on a flipchart or in the computer, the speaker will be given a short time on stage to present an issue that is important to them, the sharing of any project or pieces of research will be encouraged.


Session format will be shaped to provide delegates with a platform to share examples, participate, ask questions and share the experience.

The format is "Soapbox"- duration 30 minutes in total.


  • Ketevan Kochladze - Board Member, Member Organizations officer - Youth and Environment Europe

Key Participants

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