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4 June 2015 | 14:30-16:00
Programme overview 2015

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The EU has announced a copyright reform for september 2015! Copyright affects all aspects of social and technical developments on the internet. We discuss how more people can be heard, so that lawmakers can help make copyright more atuned to the modern society.

Session description

Copyright law is, and has been, a controversial topic in internet governance and society at large for some time. The opportunities for sharing and disseminating information between enterprises, individuals and institutions have come at odds with copyright law as is. At the same time, demands from copyright holders have had a major impact on technological design and standards - through intermediary liability (DNS, ISPs, computer chips) to end-user tools (e-book readers, file-formats, DRM, and browsers). The European Commission has announced a copyright reform for autumn 2015. Leading up to the reform, the European Commission conducted a consultation with broad citizen participation from all member states. Other actors, such as libraries, public authorities, research universities, ICT companies and copyright holders also participated in large quantities. This session is dedicated to planning how citizens' voices and those of non-commercial stakeholders can be represented in the European reform process - which tools are at our disposal to be heard in Brussels? Can we help each other?


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Further reading

  1. European Commission Copyright Consultation report
  2. UN Report on Copyright policy and the right to science and culture, Farida Shaheed
  3. IFLA submission to EU Copyright Consultation
  4. European Commission Digital Single Market Strategy Paper(6 May 2015)


  • Focal Point: Amelia Andersdotter
  • Org team: UniBIT, IFLA, Copywrongs Collective
  • Key participants|Panelists:
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Final report

  • Copyright covers a wide range of problems for a large range of different actors. Systematic discussion on overall issues is difficult.
  • Copyright is contentious and remains an area where consensus between all stakeholder groups is far away.
  • EuroDIG may not be the best platform to discuss how to further engage a broader public in the ongoing European debates.

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