East-West relationships in the Internet age – Pre 02 2020

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10 June 2020 | 18:30-20:00 | Studio The Hague | Video recording | Forum
Consolidated programme 2020 overview / Day 0

Proposals: #142 (#19)

Session teaser

At the end of WWII Trieste has been the southern end of the iron curtain dividing East and West Europe. Since then it has been a bridge rather than a border, fostering East-West collaboration. What is the situation today, with a particular view on technology, and specifically Internet?

Session description

Bruce McConnell - Executive Vice President, East-West Institute - will start the session providing a historic view of the East-West relationships and how the situation has changed from the end of WWII, when Eastern and Western Europe were divided by the iron curtain, to the present day when Europe is united and collaborating. Today speaking of East and West is more about the relationship that Europe as a whole has, for example, with China. In this context Trieste is again a bridge, as the terminus of the new Silk Road, designed by the Belt and Road Initiative.

Loredana Casalis - Head, NanoInnovation Laboratory, Elettra - will talk about Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste and its role in the CERIC-ERIC consortium to enable excellent research in central-eastern Europe. Elettra is a large research infrastructure, member of the CERIC-ERIC consortium which aims at integrating and providing scientists with open access to some of the best analytical facilities in central-eastern Europe. While focusing on scientific excellence, CERIC strives also to develop new communities and to help increase research and innovation performances in less R&D intensive countries by sharing expertise, knowledge and opportunities.

Nina Kodelja - CEI Deputy Secretary General - will describe the contribution of regional cooperation to East-West relations: the case of the Central European Initiative. Regional cooperation emerged as a practice of international relations in the post-1989 European landscape. In this dynamic context, the Central European Initiative was launched as the first intergovernmental forum for regional cooperation including both Western and Eastern European countries. Its evolution over the last thirty years, as well as its constant contribution to the strengthening of East-West relations, will be the focus of this intervention.

The session will continue with questions by the audience, and then close with short final remarks by the speakers.


The session will be a round table with contributions by different experts. Each expert will give a short presentation and there will be ample time for Q&A.

Further reading

MIUR International Project CERIC–ERIC (Central European Research Infrastructure Consortium)


Focal Points

  • Roberto Gaetano

Organising Team (Org Team)

  • Roberto Gaetano
  • Narine Khachatryan
  • Sorina Teleanu
  • Amali De Silva-Mitchell

Key Participants

  • Bruce McConnell - Executive Vice President, East-West Institute
  • Nina Kodelja - Deputy Secretary General, Central European Initiative
  • Loredana Casalis - Head, NanoInnovation Laboratory - Elettra

Video record