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19 June 2024 | 12:30 - 13:15 EEST | WS room 2
Consolidated programme 2024 overview

Session teaser

Many of the European companies are looking for solutions to the NIS2 puzzle. While there are many national and private sector solutions in the market, each and every one of them increases the administrative burden and takes valuable resources that could be used for things that are truly important. The Estonian Internet Foundation brings you the needed solution - electronic identification service eeID that brings together various technologies enabling strong electronic verification on a global scale. Therefore, making electronic identification future proof, accessible, efficient and convenient not only for companies, but also to the customer.

Session description

Strong electronic personal identification is a topic many of us have in our minds in order to increase the cybersecurity not only for the companies, but also for the service users. More depth to the quest to find the perfect solution adds the accessibility and flexibility of the solution. But in addition to that, user-friendliness and interfacing also play an important role. Therefore, companies have many needs (and requirements), making it challenging to find the perfect solution. The Estonian Internet Foundation has created the electronic identification service eeID keeping in mind the needs of service-providing companies just like us. A couple of years ago we tackled the problem of identification services fragmentation not only at national, but also at an international level. In addition, we needed to find a way to securely identify customers outside of the EU. After creating the eeID solution, we realized that many of our colleagues face similar problems that are amplified with the NIS2 directive. Therefore, eeID offers a secure, global and innovative solution for electronic identification for companies all over the world. Join our Flash session in order to get the overview of the eeID solution, how it works and what possibilities it offers to the registries, registrars and many other service providers. We are also going to do a demo in order to give an insight to the eeID platform.


The flash session is an interactive introduction of the eeID service with a live demo.

Further reading

Learn more about eeID on our homepage:


The eeID solution is created by the Estonian Internet Foundation. The introduction and demo of the eeID service is done by

  • Mare Vahtre, Marketing and Communication Manager at the Estonian Internet Foundation (contact
  • Helen Aaremäe-Saar, Lawyer at the Estonian Internet Foundation (