EuroDIG General Assembly 2017

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7 June 2017 | 12:30 - 13:30 | Room Tartu, Swissotel, Tallinn, Estonia
Programme overview 2017

EuroDIG General Assembly 2017

Dear European NRIs coordinators and friends,

As the 10th EuroDIG is just around the corner, we would like to invite you to a gathering of all the national and sub-regional IGFs in Europe (NRIs), that will be either present on-site in Tallinn, or online through the available remote participation channels.

This gathering is planned to be on Tuesday, 6 June 2017 at 14:30–16:00 p.m. (UTC+3).

We call it the “NRIs assembly”, with the long term objective to establish a new format that could become an annual event during EuroDIG’s meeting. It could be a space for the NRIs coordinators and wider community to meet, exchange ideas and discuss topics of interest for European stakeholders primarily.

For the session in Tallinn, we propose to discuss the involvement of European stakeholders in the upcoming global IGF, taking place in Geneva. A European Forum could be a very effective opportunity to showcase the work of European NRIs.

We would appreciate your feedback to the above proposed idea, and if you would find it useful, to engage in building an agenda for this meeting in the upcoming weeks.

In preparation for our assembly I invite you to revisit the matrix on which we started compiling hot topics discussed in Europe. Please update your topics if they have changed meanwhile or enter topics of relevance in your country if you haven’t yet.

We are looking forward meeting you in Tallinn be it physically or virtually!

Kind regards the EuroDIG secretariat