Group presentations – YOUthDIG 2024 webinar 04

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2 June 2024 | 15:00–18:00 CEST
YOUthDIG 2024 programme


In this webinar we will focus on what you have to share among each other, and provide you with a space to better prepare to take the spotlight at EuroDIG sessions.

The cohort has been divided into five groups, based on your topics of interest and while attaining gender and age diversity.

We will kick start the session with a quick check in from all the groups and then jump into the round of group presentation.

Instructions: each group will have 20 minutes to present and explore an internet governance thematic relevant to the group. We encourage you to start your ideation around your preferred topics at the time of application, but you are free to explore any other dimension or area. You can use slides and other tools you find revelant. It is expected that all of you at somepoint take the floor during the presentation, but it is up to the group to allocate speaking time among your group members. We will follow the group number order for the presentation slots. We will have a matched pair review scheme where a group will be assigned to review/question another group presentation. We are allocating around 5 minutes for discussion after presentations.

Presentor / Reviewer matching
Group Presenting Reviewer Group
1 4
2 5
3 1
4 2
5 3

tl;dr: 5 groups; each group presents for 20 minutes; IG topic of your choice; everybody should speak; 5 minutes for discussion and reviewer group kicks it off with questions.

Group 1

  • Leoni Papritz
  • Ignas Janeliūnas
  • Jilke Jitske Schokker
  • Aleksandar Pekovic
  • Cylia Ungar

Group 2

  • Angela Jankoska
  • Ceíra Casey Sergeant
  • Gabrielius Leonavičius
  • Diego Fernandez Menendez
  • João Pedro Martins Trocado

Group 3

  • Armela Brocaj
  • Amjad El Hafidi
  • Laila Neves Lorenzon
  • Catalin Dontu

Group 4

  • Emili Khatchatryen
  • Thomas Olsen Aarheim
  • Zia Perko Rogelj
  • Francesco Vecchi
  • Sabrina Steinberga

Group 5

  • Elif Selenay Bas Bilgic
  • Michelle Anouk Eichenberger
  • Mariam Janjgava
  • Hamlet Simonyan

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Focal Points

  • Joao Martins