High Level Group on Internet Governance (HLIG) meeting

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8 June 2017 | 10:00-17:00
Programme overview 2017

It will be hosted in e-Estonia Showroom [1], Ludvig Puusepp Building, Lõõtsa 2a.


The Multistakeholder session of the HLIG will start at 10:00 and is expected to run until 13:00.

Agenda of the Multistakeholder Session, 10:00 – 13.00

Chair: Pearse O'Donohue, Acting Director, Future Networks, Dg Connect

1. Opening remarks

2. Exchange of views on the outcomes of EuroDIG 2017

Participants are invited to exchange views and impressions on this year's edition of EuroDIG.

3. Update from the European Commission on .eu REFIT Initiative

The REFIT initiative on the revision of the ".eu" top level domain Regulations (733/2002 and 874/2004) is part of the Commission Work Programme 2017. The REFIT initiative aims at testing the relevance and suitability of existing rules and adapting them accordingly to ensure the continued viability of the .eu TLD, so that it can achieve its intended mission to promote e-commerce in Europe and to constitute a symbol of a truly online European identity. The public consultation has been launched on 12 May and is open until 4 August. The Commission will brief participants about the main issues it is looking at, as well as the steps ahead. Participants are invited to provide input and feedback.

4. Preparations for the 2017 Internet Governance Forum

The twelfth annual meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, from the 18th to the 21st of December 2017. The overarching theme of the event will be "Shape Your Digital Future!", emphasizing both the IGF's participatory mechanisms and a forward-looking approach to the Internet governance discussion. In preparation of the IGF, the second Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) meeting will take place from the 12th to the 14th of June also in Geneva. The Swiss government has kindly agreed to provide a short introduction on the coming IGF during the HLIG. All stakeholders are invited to participate in the discussion that will follow.

5. ICANN ongoing issues

The next ICANN meeting will take place in Johannesburg on 26-28 June. Jean-Jacques Sahel, Vice-President Europe at ICANN will provide an overview of the main topics that will be discussed by the community. Participants are invited to exchange views, in particular on ensuring a coherent voice of European stakeholders' interests in ICANN discussions.

6. Towards a global initiative on the digital future involving citizens from all over the world

Yves Mathieu, co-director of Missions Publiques will present this initiative, which aims at including the voice of citizens into global Internet governance discussions. The purpose of this presentation is to explore participants' interest in this large scale “collective intelligence” exercise to involve citizens from 100+ different countries. Concept description: In global discussions on Internet governance it is often very difficult to reach out to the public at large and yet there is a maturation of the public, concerned over a number of developments that have a direct impact on them (e.g. massive surveillance, big data exploitation, privacy infringements, robotization of jobs…). Citizens are ready to understand complex issues, to contribute to the vision for the future and to offer their prospective to stakeholders. Participants are invited to provide feedback and comments.

7. AOB

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