How to continue your journey in Internet governance - YOUthDIG 10 2024

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18 June 2024 | 09:00–09:50 EEST
YOUthDIG 2024 programme

Session teaser

In this session we will meet stakeholders from the Internet ecosystem elaborating on how you can get involved in their communities and why you should! With this session, we hope to showcase to YOUthDIG participants opportunities they can relate to so that they can work towards their continued participation, and meet people to reach out to when attending future events.


This session will be in interview-style with the YOUthDIG Org Team moderating, with time to ask questions by the YOUthDIGers

Further reading


Council of Europe

Internet Governance Forum (IGF)




Focal Point: Nadia Tjahja

Moderator: Pilar Rodriguez


  • Chengetai Masango, Internet Governance Forum
  • Ida Kreutzman, Youth Department, Council of Europe
  • Adam Peake, ICANN
  • Regina Fuchsova, EURid