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18 June 2024 | 16:00 - 16:45 EEST | WS room 2
Consolidated programme 2024 overview

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Good Internet policy starts with an impact assessment. The Internet Impact Assessment Toolkit has been developed to help determine the positive or negative impacts from a public policy proposal. Join the session to understand how the toolkit works, and how you can contribute. We would like the Internet community to use it, so you can help us protect and defend the Internet from bad decisions from governments and corporations.

Session description

We should not take the open, global Internet for granted. Any policy or decision which makes the Internet less open or global, could potentially have an impact on the unified, seamless Internet.

This Flash session will feature one of the Internet Society experts who developed the Internet Way of Networking model, the fundamental pillar of the Internet Impact Assessment Toolkit (IIAT). Join us to learn about the five critical properties of the Internet, and the enablers, supporting characteristics that advance the Internet, its infrastructure, and its use.

If a policy undermines what the Internet needs to exist, it threatens a Critical Property without which the Internet cannot function. If a decision impacts what the Internet needs to thrive, it may make the Internet less open, less global, and less secure–affecting our experience of and over the Internet.

For policymakers and technologists, the Internet Impact Assessment Toolkit (IIAT) can act as an additional layer of accountability and provides a roadmap for conscious and informed decisions about how to keep the Internet healthy. For Internet advocates, it can help identify policies that take us away from the Open, Global, Trustworthy and Secure Internet that we want to protect, and also identify arguments to engage with relevant stakeholders to protect and defend the Internet.


This Flash session will feature one of the Internet Society experts who developed the Internet Way of Networking model (read more about it here) which is the fundamental pillar for the development of the Internet Impact Assessment Toolkit (IIAT).

Further reading

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To better understand the basic components of an Internet Impact Assessment, it is important to learn which are the critical properties that Internet needs to exist and which are the enablers that allow it to thrive.

Internet Society's Internet threats monitor can be found on the Fragmentation Explainer. It helps people understand what Internet fragmentation means. It includes a range of examples of policies and decisions that could undermine the open, global Internet, or are already doing that:

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Carl Gahnberg, Director, Policy Development & Research (profile available here)