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19 June 2023 | 16:00 EEST | Main auditorium | Video recording | Transcript
Consolidated programme 2023 overview / Jarmo Takala, Keynote

DSc (Tech.) Jarmo Takala, Provost of the new Tampere University since 2019.

About Jarmo Takala

DSc (Tech.) Jarmo Takala has been Provost of the new Tampere University since 2019.

He has served as vice president for research at the former Tampere University of Technology (TUT), as dean of the Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering and as head of the Department of Computer Systems. He has also occupied research positions at Nokia Research Center and the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Takala has led numerous national and international research projects. He headed TUT’s international master’s programme in information technology and participated in setting up a bachelor’s programme in information technology and electrical engineering at TUT. Takala is an active member of international scientific associations dedicated to the advancement of information technology.

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>> JARMO TAKALA: It is a pleasure to welcome you to this Tampere University, this was founded in 2019 when two Universities merged in Tampere, as a single University. Earlier we had multidisciplinary University of Tempere, which is roots starting in 1960 and we had Tampere University of Technology, which had its roots in 1965. Nowadays, we’re a University with 22,000 students and 400 staff members, operating in three different campuses.

We are also a majority shareholder of Tampere University of Applied Sciences and together we form the Tampere higher education community with 34,000 students and 5,000 staff members.

Tampere University has a significant role in the development of Internet in Finland. Finland’s National FI Domain was registered 36 years ago in December of 1986 and the Tampere University of Technology applied for the rights to establish and manage the .fi domain from the American Stanford Network Information Center, which at the time managed the Internet name services.

The first .fi domain was registered by Tampere University of Technology. .fi domain gave the opportunity to acquire domain names and finish email addresses were changed to .fi. However, there was no Internet connection in Finland at that time. The actual Internet connection was obtained two years later, and the Finnish higher institutions were connected to the national Finnish network whose task was to manage the University’s email services. The University networks – can network was connected to the Internet together with the Nordic unit research network in December of 1998.

In practice, the Internet connection was connected through Stockholm, and at that time, entire Finland had a 64 kilobit line, which is amazing compared to the data traffic of today.

Well, it took only a few weeks until the Internet was used as means for illegal actions. The Internet connection in the Nordic countries was suddenly cutoff after only a couple of weeks of use, there was an attempt from Finland to hack into the server in a research centre. The connection was restored to Nordic countries after a couple of days, but Finland remained closed for a couple of weeks.

Later on, the national domain was managed by the University until 1993 when the management was transferred to the national agency. Over these 36 years, we have educated experts in the field and Tempere is an industry hub for industry technology. As Tampere University has been involved in the development of Internet for year, it is a great honor it host the European dialogue on Internet Governance. The platform is invaluable means as Internet has evolved into an extremely complex entity and public policy issues are more important than ever.

Now I wish you all rewarding time with the conference here in Tampere. Thank you very much.