Law and reality – perspectives on ICANN-RIR relations – Flash 11 2018

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6 June 2018 | 14:45-15:15
Consolidated programme 2018

Session teaser

How have the formal rules governing IP address distribution changed since the IANA Transition? Do these rules matter at all in the actual daily life of the RIRs?


RIR, ICANN, law, IP addresses, numbering

Session description

This flash session will discuss the ICANN-RIR relationship from the legal and practical perspectives, trying to shed light on the interaction between the formal rules on one side and the practical reality of the RIRs' activities on the other.

More specifically, this session will first seek to provide an understanding of how the formal rules governing IP addresses distribution have changed since the IANA Transition. Then, the purpose of the session will be to discuss the role and the importance of these rules in the daily life of a RIR. In addition, the current setup, including the place of the Address Supporting Organisation (ASO) within ICANN, will be assessed and presenters, along with the audience if possible, will consider what the future holds for ICANN-RIR relations.


This section will take the form of a "fireside chat" where presenters will present the various perspectives and discuss them in a dynamic manner. There may be some time at the end for audience intervention.

Further reading

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  • Raphaël Beauregard-Lacroix (Sciences Po Paris, University of Michigan Law School)
  • Chris Buckridge (RIPE NCC)