Managing digital cultural capital in Europe – Flash 01 2018

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5 June 2018 | 11:30-12:00
Consolidated programme 2018

Session teaser

Digital economy and creative economy cannot be separated. Although digitalization imposing a new challenge for creative industries in how art and creative industries can respond and adapt to the digital transformation.


creative industries, creative economy, digital transformation, digital cultural capital

Session description

The digitalization of creative economies lead to the adaption of their business models to new online and digital paradigms. As traditionally according to Pierre Bourdieu cultural capital refers in how cultural values can cause social difference, digital cultural capital refers to the capital generated from digital cultural production. Some aspects where digital cultural capital can be identified in creative industries are multidisciplinarity, education tools, audience participation, digital cultural content, opportunities, networking etc. The aim of this session is to give a general overview of the intertwining of the digital transformation with creative industries and how the digital cultural capital can be managed within this context.


3 pitch presentations of 5-7 minutes each concluded by a small debate with audience interaction of 15-20 minutes.


Focal Points

  • Oliana Sula – Lecturer/Researcher University of Durres "Aleksander Moisiu"
  • Elene Toidze – Head of Creative Industries Development Unit at Creative Georgia


  • Elene Toidze – Head of Creative Industries Development Unit at Creative Georgia
  • Sandro Asatiani – Co-founder and rector of ICT lab and learning centre – Geolab
  • Mariam Lashkhi – Head of International Relations Department at GITA – Georgia's Innovation and Technology Agency