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This is a possible cluster of topic proposals.

Media and social media – converging content

Proposals 18 + 25

No Name Affil./Org. SH-group Topic and sub-issues Description Remarks
18 Sabine Verheyen European Parliament Europ. Org. Media Convergence & the future of audio-visual media Platform definition and regulation/net neutrality/media specific regulations in the context of technical convergence/specialized services. See my own-initiative report:
25 Per-Erik Wolff ARD (German Public Service Broadcaster) Media How to secure internet platform neutrality -- How can we safeguard the fulfilment of the democratic functions of journalistic content providers on internet platforms. By securing e.g. equal access, equal chances to be found and signal integrity? Both new (e.g. blogs) and established (e.g. broadcasters) journalistic content suppliers play a vital role in modern democracies because they contribute to the citizens’ forming of political will. However, platforms and manufacturers of end devices have become new gatekeepers. These gatekeepers are able to control access of internet users to media content. They also control media content providers’ access to the gatekeepers’ platforms. It is crucial for modern democracies to prevent these gatekeepers from discriminating certain media content providers against others, e.g. by charging for access and/or for a privileged ranking on graphic interfaces. It is also crucial that media suppliers’ signals are not touched to make sure that journalistic content remains trustworthy for the users.