Meeting with Startups PART I – YOUthDIG 2018

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YOUthDIG 2018 programme overview | Consolidated programme EuroDIG 2018 overview

Tour through the labs of start ups at the Tech Park Georgia (GITA).

We will meet with:

Influencer Marketing is the first influencer marketing company in Georgia that specializes in campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media channels, connecting brands with top social media influencers.

Our Mission is to disrupt the Georgian advertisement market with innovative strategies and tailor-made products for our partners.


Phage Nutraceuticals™ offers exclusive supplements for preventive health. Products are designed for people seeking natural, effective and safe health solutions for a better life. Our products are based on Bacteriophages, or simply phages. Phages are the most abundant naturally occurring micro-organisms on earth and the enemies of bacteria. Specially selected phages can very effectively eliminate harmful bacteria without harming anything else. Phages have being used for treatment and prevention of bacterial infections, including resistant ones, in Eastern European countries for over 90 years. Today Phage Nutraceuticals™ makes this revolutionary technology globally available.


QuickCash is fintech platform for automated and instant Small Business credit scoring and loan underwriting. For lending institutions who are missing out on the huge opportunity of lending to SMEs, because it takes too much time and effort without the scale of returns, QuickCash offers its proprietary algorithm-based web platform to quickly and cost effectively originate new SME loan applications, conduct fully-automated credit and business risk assessment, and online underwriting, so that more working capital loans can be offered to more small businesses with lower costs at a fraction of the time. Unlike other credit scoring platforms that use static historical data, QuickCash’s dynamic credit scoring algorithm defines the specific limits and risk-adjusted profile of the borrower SME instantly, using big data analytics. 


WiFisher helps you know and grow your customer base by building a bridge between the offline and online world. Analyze, monetize, and increase your customer’s return rate significantly with WiFisher!

WiFisher works with traditional businesses to understand who their guests, visitors, clients, and customers are. We collect the data, group customers into specific categories, and analyze their behavior.

By knowing who your customers are, you know better how to reach out to them. And you can do that through WiFishers automated email marketing tools, or by creating your own customized marketing messages.