Non-European proposals

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No Name Affil./Org. SH-group Topic and sub-issues Description Remarks
1 Eyvaz Alishov Ministry of communications an IT, Azerbaijan Government The Future of Cybercrime and Cyberterrorism
How software vulnerabilities become tools for crime

2 Kamal Faridi 22 Four, Pakistan Civil Society Social Causes like Rape, Child Abuse, Minor Rapes
1. Counselling, crisis

2. Training and awareness programmes to civil society 3. Advocating for law reform with partners in the sector

3 Atoyan Arman X-TECH, Armenia Youth Citizen reporting for making better life, citizens can report about different kind of issues and with help of mobile technology their issues can be immediately transferred to the government... is a social platform developed to raise socially critical issues where anyone has a real opportunity to raise and bring attention to daily issues of their communities for suggestions and innovative ideas to increase public participation, decision making and participatory problem solving is a platform where you can make a suggestion and track how the raised issue is solved.