Practical Implementation of the AI Act & Standards of Machine Learning Lifecycle - YOUthDIG 05 2024

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15 June 2024 | 09:15–10:35 EEST
YOUthDIG 2024 programme

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The European Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA) sets a groundbreaking framework for the regulation of AI technologies. This session delves into the practical implementation of the AIA, exploring the challenges and opportunities it presents for AI systems throughout their lifecycle.


Lecture, open discussion

Session description

This session provides a comprehensive overview of the European Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA) and its implications for AI system development and deployment. We will discuss the regulatory requirements and conformity assessments necessary under the AIA. Attendees will gain insights into the practical challenges of implementing these regulations, including maintaining AI system robustness, transparency, and ethical standards. The session will also address the latest international and European standards in AI. An open discussion will follow the lecture, allowing participants to engage with the material and share their perspectives on navigating the regulatory landscape.

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Focal Points

  • Pilar Rodriguez, YOUthDIG Org Team
  • João Pedro Martins, YOUthDIG Org Team


  • Dr. Valentas Gružauskas, Associate Professor at Vilnius University, specializes in AI governance, conformity assessment, and ethics, with a focus on the EU AI Act. His expertise spans agent-based modeling, machine learning, and deep learning, contributing significantly to remote sensing and welfare. He mentors students in AI and data ethics and leads AI Conformity & Research Consulting, MB. An award-winning researcher, he is active in AI standardization and governance roles. His impactful work has earned him 447 citations and an H-index of 9.