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28 June 2021 | 13:30-14:30 and 15:15-16:15 (optional) CEST (TBC) | Studio D
Consolidated programme 2021 overview / Day 0

Working title: NRI Assembly

If you want to contribute to this session please contact the session organiser.

Session teaser

It is a tradition that European National and Regional Internet Governance Initiatives (NRIs) are meeting at EuroDIG. The session will consist of 1 - 3 thematic segments. The meeting is open for everyone interested in the work of the NRIs.

Session description

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Part 1

  • Digital Cooperation Roadmap in an European context “Who do you call when dealing with the EU?”
    Proposals: #64 #78 #80

Part 2

  • TBD


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Pre-events should give the opportunity to create synergies with 3 rd parties i.e. Dynamic Coalitions, Partners. No session principles apply. They are held on day zero in parallel to setting up the venue for EuroDIG. We provide limited technical support.

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