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by Dynamic Coalition on Internet of Things

17 June 2024 | 14:30 - 15:30 EEST | WS room 2
Consolidated programme 2024

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Working title: Data Governance and the impact of AI on IoT deployment

Session teaser

The Internet of Things has become part of the fabric of our environments in many ways: part of our homes, industrial processes, managing our infrastructures, and monitoring our environments for security and safety – whether from human interventions, or nature.

In all this, the Internet of Things generates more data every year of which much is relatable to persons, and thus subject to privacy protection laws. This makes IoT Data Governance a key subject to get right, even more so since IoT data are collected anywhere in the world and accessible, unless protected, from anywhere. If we expand the Good Practice principles, what should we need to be able to rely upon?

In addition, we see that AI dependent IoT ecosystems rely more and more on AI in how data from observations by IoT devices are interpreted and lead to action by other IoT devices. What is needed to make sure these IoT ecosystems are not subject to tampering, or taking actions that do not serve the purpose?

Join us to help develop a clear vision on Global Good Practice for IoT towards 2030, taking into account where we are in IoT deployment, policy and regulatory developments around the world, and the role of AI/ML in governing IoT ecosystems, taking Core Internet Values into account at every step.

Session description

This session is organized by DC IoT in collaboration with DC CIV and with support of DC IS3C and open to collaborate with other IGF Policy Networks and Dynamic Coalitions, where appropriate. Our aim is to advance a clear global sense of Good Practice on IoT.

This builds upon the “Internet of Things Good Practice Principle” that was recognized by the DC IoT during the IGF 2019:

Internet of Things Good Practice aims at developing loT systems, products, and services taking ethical considerations into account from the outset, in the development, deployment and use phases of the life cycle, thus finding an ethical, sustainable way ahead using loT to help to create a free, secure and rights enabling based environment: a future we want.

For our session at EuroDIG 2024 we plan for a roundtable with a focus on two subjects:

  1. IoT Data governance: IoT data, especially AI-enhanced, should be understandable, accessible, interoperable, reusable, up-to-date and clear regarding provenance, quality and potential bias. At the same time, guarding privacy is a clear priority in this. How can we ensure both in a world that is full with IoT devices, many of which are connected via a global Internet, and increasingly governed by AI systems. This subject will be introduced by Jonathan A.K. Cave (Warwick University, AlanTuring Foundation).
  2. The impact of AI on IoT systems: IoT systems are everywhere, and traditionally mostly activated by human action, or triggered by data collected by IoT devices in the system leading to pre-coded actions. The convergence of AI and IoT, often referred to as AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things), is driving innovation across various sectors. With AI, IoT systems can make autonomous decisions based on real-time data. This reduces the need for human intervention and can lead to more efficient operations. What is needed to make sure these IoT ecosystems are not subject to tampering, or taking actions that do not serve the purpose, for instance because of bad algorithms or training with bad data sets? This subject will be introduced by (to be confirmed)

The Outcome of this EuroDIG panel will be taken forward to the IGF2024 in Ryad for a full DC IoT discussion informed by the outcomes of the EuroDIG session and other regional sessions during the year, leading up to the IGF.


The session is set up as a panel session, with a short presentation to scope the subject of discussion, a short panel discussion including expertise on Core Internet Values, cybersecurity, and IoT good practices, and a fully interactive discussion with all participants to the session.

The session will be hybrid in its set up, and moderated allowing interventions both in the room and via zoom.

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Key participants:

  • Maarten Botterman; GNKS Consult BV, The Netherlands; moderator
  • Olivier Crepin-Leblond; DC Core Internet Values: panellist
  • Jonathan A.K. Cave, Warwick University, Alan Turing Institute: presenter
  • Joanna Kulesza, University of Lodz, Lodz Cyber Hub: panellist
  • (to be confirmed)
  • (to be confirmed)

This DC IoT activity solicits input from DC CIV and DC IS3C, as well as from the Policy Network on Artificial Intelligence and other Dynamics Coalitions with relevant contributions.