Strengthening DNS security through ccTLD managers’ actions in the context of current threats and legislation – Pre 06 2024

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by Dynamic Coalition on data and trust

17 June 2024 | 10:00 - 11:00 EEST | WS room 2 | Video recording
Consolidated programme 2024

Session teaser

How can actions by ccTLD managers such as validation of registration data and take-down of high-risk domain names contribute to a more secure and trustworthy DNS? Let' s explore the topic also from the viewpoint of the current threats and national and European legislation.

Session description

In this session, ccTLD managers will share rules and regulations which trigger verification of registration data, what can cause the situation that a domain name is taken down by a registry and what request from their local authorities they have been recently facing. We will also have a look on the expected changes in this respect from the NIS 2 and DSA regulations implementation point of view.


This will be a panel discussion, questions and interactions from onsite and online participants are very welcome.

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Key participants:

  • Regina Filipová Fuchsová, .eu registry
  • Jaromír Novák, .cz registry (online)
  • Tomas Mackus, .lt registry
  • Karina Sataki .lv registry

Video record