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Call #1 - Community Networks in Rural Areas April 9, 2020

First Joint WS12 WS16 call where we discussed how to conduct EuroDIG session dedicated to Community Networks in Rural Areas

Call participants:

Org team members:

  • Alessio Pastorino
  • Carola Croll
  • Paolo Perucci
  • Valensiya Dresvyannikova

Subject matter experts:

  • Ceren Unal,
  • Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond,

Focal Point:

  • Sandro Karumidze

Ucha Seturi joint call as well.


We started to discuss Ceren's proposal to switch subjects between WS12 and WS16 - start the WS12 with discussion current challenges and best practices and later in WS16 move to the legislative framework and financial models.

In the COVID 19 situation when most of the Europan countries are either under hard lockdown or with significant restrictions on movement and social activities need for telecommunication services has increased.

The discussion revealed there is a need in both - infrastructure to provide connectivity and service platforms for community members particularly in underserved communities in rural areas.

We discussed ongoing projects in Italy and Germany


  1. Start with challenges and best practices, with a focus on current COVID 19 situation and it's aftermath in WS12 and continues with Legislative framework and funding opportunities in WS16
  2. Discuss teasers over the next 2 days - Olivier, Ceren - please remind your suggestions (sorry I've lost chat log)
  3. Continue with the discussion of:
    • identify more subjets where to focus attention during the panel discussion - so far we have - the need for infrastructure, service platforms for communities, the role of libraries
    • Key Participants of the session - criteria for selection of panelists, candidates
    • Ideas about innovative ways to conduct the session - tools, approaches, invitation, advertising of the sessions

We can also continue to discuss both sessions together and also each session separately.