Universal Access to the Internet – 2008

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21 October 2008 | 9:15-10:45
Programme overview 2008

Session teaser

This session will debate universal access to the internet from the view points of European governments, civil society and business. Discussions will inter alia consider whether or not to establish universal access obligations for broadband on telecom companies, and how to improve access for people with disabilities, communities, people in a situation of vulnerability or who are otherwise disadvantaged, and social groups including minority groups as well as the elderly.


Key Participants

  • Oliver Arifon, Strasbourg University
  • Dominique Burger University Pierre and Marie Curie, France
  • William J. Drake, Center for International Governance Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies Geneva, Switzerland
  • Jean Louis Fullsack, CSDPTT, France
  • Malcolm Harbour, European Parliament
  • Diana Simic, Association for Progressive Communications
  • Doreen Tamali, Young Woman in Action
  • Catherine Trautmann, European Parliament
  • Klaus-Peter Wegge, Siemens Access Initiative, Accessibility Competence Center


  • Rolf Weber, Zürich University, Switzerland
  • Bertrand de la Chapelle, Special Envoy for the Information Society, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France