YOUthDIG 06 2021

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26 June 2021 | 14:00-15:15 CEST
YOUthDIG 2021 programme

Discussion: European Digital Principles

Session teaser

In this session, YOUthDIG participants will be able directly voice their feedback and ideas regarding the new European Digital Principles to a representative of the European Commission. This exchange is a part of the European Commission's public consultation.


1. Introduction of Session and Speaker by moderator
2. Introduction of Digital Principles and the process of public consultation by Valentina Scialpi (European Commission)
3. Roundtable discussion – introduction of discussion points by YOUthDIG participants and exchange with Valentina Scialpi
4. Synthesis and reflection on the discussion, next steps in the consultation processes

Further reading

Europe's Digital Decade: Commission launches consultation and discussion on EU digital principles
Declaration of Digital Principles – the ‘European way’ for the digital society


Guest: Valentina Scialpi, European Commission
Key Participants: YOUthDIG Participants
Moderator: Elisabeth Schauermann