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Youth Messages

Digital Ethics & Inclusion

  • Internet Governance processes and policies about youth need to be better communicated, so that young people can be better informed and their participation strengthened through multistakeholder dialogue.
  • Emerging concerns online, such as hate speech, fake news, privacy, and cyber bullying are not sufficiently discussed and taught at schools. We envision building a curriculum, that is enforced by regulation, focusing on raising awareness of the online environment and developing necessary digital skills and digital literacy of the youngest students.
  • We want SAPA (Smart Active Participation Algorithm) to be top priority discussion in a multistakeholder environment. The purpose of this algorithm is to replace some of the ads we are exposed to while browsing on the Internet with information about CoE initiatives. SAPA will suggest differentiated opportunities by CoE based on the age of the users, in order to empower the engagement of people of all ages towards CoE initiatives through the Internet.
  • Harmonisation of states' ethics codes on designing algorithms using digital cooperation including youth participation.
  • We wish for the inclusion of teenagers through the Internet Governance youth ambassadors program in the decision making processes on local, regional and national level. Already existing youth parliaments should be strengthened to give the leaders of tomorrow a voice today.

Cybersecurity, Trust & Privacy

  • To reclaim privacy of the many we want governments to have proactive involvement instead of reactive measures. In order to raise awareness on data protection and online user safety we call the governments to:
    • a. Foster public discussion
    • b. Mainstream digital literacy in basic public education
    Furthermore, we call on the private sector to make anonymity a viable option.
  • Cybersecurity is a collective effort that requires a multistakeholder approach. We should achieve it with transparency while respecting our privacy. IoT is an important pillar in cybersecurity because it is in a continuous exponential development with growing capabilities and threats. We must raise awareness, enrich /and update education curriculum ( to include) on IoT Security.
  • Regulators should encourage technology to be open source to foster transparency.