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YOUthDIG 2020 messages | EuroDIG consolidated programme 2020 overview

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The Youth Dialogue on Internet Governance (YOUthDIG) is a yearly pre-event to the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) aimed to foster active youth participation.

This year, both meetings were planned at the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy.

Due to the spread of COVID-19 no face-to-face YOUthDIG is possible. Instead we will conduct a webinar series with all selected participants. There will be thematic webinars on:

  • The Internet Governance ecosystem (May 2)

Guest Speaker: Sandra Hoferichter

  • Online activism and decentralized human rights work (May 10)

Guest Speaker: Giorgio Menella

  • Media and content with a focus on countering disinformation and safety online (May 16)

Guest Speaker: Daniel Rzasa
Daniel Rzasa is the editor-in-chief of 300Gospodarka, a financial and business news website. He is also a public speaker and educator, who currently works with Polska Press, the largest local media publisher in Poland, and Democracy Council of California to teach local journalists skills necessary to recognize and debunk misinformation and state-sponsored propaganda. Earlier he served as the Google News Lab Teaching Fellow for CEE. Before his assignment at Google he worked across a variety of newsrooms in Poland and the UK and was published in many national and international outlets, such as HFMWeek, Citywire, Visegrad Insight and Financial Times, among others. Daniel graduated with an MA in financial journalism from City, University of London and the Council of Europe's Visegrad School of Political Studies, an international programme designed to train future leaders of CEE.

  • Youth participation in Internet Governance (in cooperation with YCIG) (June 6)

The webinars are not public. The outcome will be the Youth Messages 2020.

This workflow culminates in the drafting of the youth messages on the weekend before EuroDIG. Participants shall be encouraged to actively participate in EuroDIG as well, and take the role of an online moderator.

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