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29 June 2021/30 June 2021 | 13:15-14:15 CEST (TBD) | Studio A
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Working title: Adriatic Society of Speleology presentation on Experimental Hypogean Station
Proposal: The wars of the future will be fought for water and no longer for oil. Surface waters are getting polluted and have recourse to groundwater is inevitable. Karst waters are the most suitable: even if easily contaminable, they are the ones that self-clean more quickly. The control of subterranean rivers becomes extremely important and only the Speleology is able to monitor waters in the depth.

For this reason the Adriatic Society of Speleology illustrates, with a ppt presentation, an Experimental Hypogean Station in a very wide and depth cave (-329 mt) in the Trieste’s Karst Plateau. The first idea of a Research Station inside the Trebiciano Abyss (for 70 years the deepest cave in the world) emerged from a report written in the 1876 by the Adriatic Society of Natural Sciences. Our organization comes directly from that Society and in the last 70’s it was decided to follow up on that idea.

Internet plays a key role in this research project, both for the local collection of data and for the sharing of the data with the research community worldwide. There are multiple relevant challenges for the local network considering the difficult environmental conditions that require special solutions. These challenges include the humidity and other air parameters, the length of the lines to reach the sensors with the impossibility to have standard repeaters, the impossibility to use batteries, the resilience against flash floods (100m), the risk of electromagnetic phenomena during thunderstorms.

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