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29 June 2021 | Start 11:30, 13:15, 15:45 CEST | Amphitheatre
30 June 2021 | Start 11:30, 13:15, 15:45 CEST | Amphitheatre
Consolidated programme 2021 overview / Day 1
Consolidated programme 2021 overview / Day 2

Please note: Specific time and date will be assigned later in the process, probably till end of May.

Big Stage (as of 23 June 2021)

IDs proposed by Title/Topic scheduled
#3 Amali De Silva–Mitchell, Futurist Working with FinTech – Issues & Opportunities Day 1, Slot 1
#33 Riccardo Nanni, University of Bologna Tackling digital skills gap. A multi-sector approach to a multifaceted problem Day 2, Slot 2
#51 Sergio Dambrosi, Adriatic Society of Speleology Working title: Adriatic Society of Speleology presentation on Experimental Hypogean Station canceled
#97 Antti Jarventaus, Save the Children Finland “Addictiveness” of digital devices and applications? Impact on individuals and society – approaches and chances for regulation Day 2, Slot 1
#99 Dr. Daniele Ziccarelli, Chamber of Commerce of Cosenza Working title: Cosenza Chamber of Commerce sustainability report 2021 canceled
  Wolfgang Kleinwächter, Prof. Em. University of Aarhus Towards a Regulatory Framework for Artificial Intelligence Day 2, Slot 3 (repetition)
  Carl Gahnberg, ISOC Safeguarding the future – The role of Internet Impact Assessment Day 1, Slot 2


Big Stage is a format that was invented 2020 in order to give space to single topic presentations, product presentations, inventors or innovative entertaining formats.

This can be for instance:

  • A traditional presentation
  • an interview or a tandem effort
  • a fire side chat including max. 3 people (for instance one moderator interviewing 2 different opponents).
  • a movie

It cannot be:

  • a panel discussion.