Building cross-generational legacies between present and future stakeholders – YOUthDIG 07 2022

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19 June 2022 | 16:30 - 18:00 CEST
YOUthDIG 2022, main programme

Session teaser

For newcomers the Internet Governance can be overwhelming with its working groups, procedures and hundreds of documents. Its ecosystem, made of thousands of people and organisations, can be even more so. And as it becomes increasingly complex and dynamic it risks withering the enthusiasm of young people approaching to it for the first time. Intergenerational dialogue and the transmission of knowledge by leading experts in Internet governance and policy-making can mitigate such impact. Young participants will have the chance to raise questions on how to effectively contribute to the ecosystem according to their background and experience, by asking questions about Internet Governance and the functioning of the ecosystem directly to the experts. Three experts will have the chance to share with young people how the Internet Governance changed and evolved over the past years, at the same time helping them navigate the ecosystem by answering the questions and by facilitating youth effective participation.

The purpose of this workshop is to bridge the gap between newcomers and experienced ones in shaping Internet policies.


This workshop features a cross-generational interview to Internet Governance experts, where young participants will wear the hat of journalists. Participants are initially divided into three groups and assigned a hot topics about Internet Governance:

1) Environmental sustainability: Daniel Lilkov, Edgar Brutyan, Helena Robert i Campos, João Gomes, Kateryna Bovsunovska, Una Regoje, Carlos de Fonseca.

2) Multistakeholder governance: Liisa Ovaska, Anouk Geenen, Adeniyi Clement Aderinoye, Azar Haziyev, Benedetta Veneruso.

3) Internet fragmentation: Silva Elisa Heinonen, Mariam Kebadze, Batuhan Kahraman, Katja-Elisabeth Herrmann Eufracio, Ruhi Chitre, Charles Martinet.

Each group has to develop a short column (200/300 words) on the role that young people play in shaping those IG areas.

Helping them in their task will be IG experts and practitioners, real living sources who will be interviewed during the session to understand the evolution of Internet Governance, to shed light on the role that young people are playing today and to explore future scenarios.

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Environmental Sustainability

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Focal Points

  • Stanislav Mahula
  • Veronica Piccolo

Key speakers

Wolfgang Kleinwachter (Professor Emeritus, University of Aarhus)

Avri Doria (ICANN)

Michael J. Oghia (ICT sustainability advocate / Dynamic Coalition on Environment)