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Session Session title/working title FocalPoint(s) FocalPoint(s) Affiliation
TOPIC 1 / Subtopic 1 European policies and strategies: Human Rights (working title) Isabel Maria Álvaro Alonso YOUTH IGF SPAIN, Telefónica
TOPIC 1 / Subtopic 2 European policies and strategies: Cyber resilience (working title) Emilia Zalewska-Czajczyńska NASK PIB
TOPIC 1 / Subtopic 3 European policies and strategies: Standard setting vs. regional legislation (working title) Sabrina Heber denic
Peter Koch denic
TOPIC 2 / Subtopic 1 GovTech Dynamics: Navigating Innovation and Challenges in Public Services. Ieva Žilionienė NRD Companies
TOPIC 2 / Subtopic 2 GovTech – putting people first in digitising public services and the use of data: European approach on data governance (working title) Moritz Taylor
TOPIC 2 / Subtopic 3 GovTech – putting people first in digitising public services and the use of data: Access to services (working title) Laura Guobužaitė Head of Export and Market Development at Lithuania‘s DigiTech association ‚Infobalt‘
TOPIC 3 / Subtopic 1 Artificial Intelligence: Innovation and ethical implication (working title) Lina Lelesiene STATE DATA PROTECTION INSPECTORATE OF LITHUANIA
TOPIC 3 / Subtopic 2 Artificial Intelligence: Application of new regulation (working title)
TOPIC 3 / Subtopic 3 Artificial Intelligence: Identification of AI generated content Aldan Creo The Dock, Accenture’s flagship R&D and global innovation center
Workshop 1a Child safety – update on legal regulation trends (UK case study) (working title) Wout de Natris
Workshop 1b Protecting vulnerable groups online from harmful content – new (technical) approaches (working title) Sofia Rasgado Departamento de Desenvolvimento e Inovação Coordenadora do Centro Internet Segura, Portuguese Safer Internet Centre Coordinator – Insafe network
Workshop 2a Managing change in media space (Part 1) (working title)
  • Sustaining democratic processes
  • review of EU elections
  • concrete impact of EU regulation
Luis Manuel Arellano Cervantes
Workshop 2b Managing change in media space (Part 2) (working title)
  • Countering disinformation
  • Education
Monojit Das IADN
Workshop 3 Network evolution (working title) Miguel Vidal Deutsche Telekom
Workshop 4 Green digital transformation (working title) Karen Mulberry IEEE
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Biographical Information

Aldan Creo

Aldan Creo is a Computer Science graduate, having studied in Spain, France and Switzerland. During his studies, he completed 4 internships, was selected by Django as a Google Summer of Code contributor, and graduated as valedictorian. He received a grant from the Spanish government to undertake research on Natural Language Processing. He garnered recognition for leadership and academic excellence through several awards. He's also the founder of 3 associations and contributes to open-source. Currently, he works as Technology Research Specialist in AI at The Dock, Accenture’s flagship R&D and global innovation center.

Emilia Zalewska-Czajczyńska

Emilia Zalewska-Czajczyńska is a lawyer specialising in regulations and policy related to new technologies and Internet governance. She works as a Senior Specialist for Strategic Cybersecurity Analysis at the Polish National Research Institute NASK. As part of her role, she handles projects related to national and European legislation, digital governance, international cooperation, and provides advisory to entities within the national cybersecurity system.

Her other field of interest lies at the intersection of human rights with emerging technologies, especially AI and the metaverse. Emilia is also actively involved in supporting the development of digital competences among young people – she is a co-founder and coordinator of Youth IGF Poland. In 2022, she served as the Eastern Europe Representative on the Youth Coalition on Internet Governance steering committee. Recently, she has completed a training programme as an ICANN79 Fellow.

Emilia holds degrees from the University of Warsaw in two faculties: Law and Applied Animal Psychology. Currently, she is pursuing postgraduate studies in project management at Leon Kozminski Academy.

Ieva Žilionienė

Ieva Žilionienė is an expert in state digitalization policy and strategy with extensive experience in national and global GovTech trends. She has worked for the Lithuanian Government’s Information Society Development Committee, overseeing Lithuania's information society and e-governance strategies and managing EU structural funds for public ICT. As the Director of Strategy and later Deputy Director General at Lithuania’s Communications Regulation Authority, she coordinated the regulation of electronic communications, postal services, and digital trust services. Now, she leads the consulting branch of NRD Companies, an international group specializing in developing digital solutions for governments worldwide. Ieva has contributed to various international groups and initiatives and is Lithuania’s national expert and member of the Board of Directors for the World Summit Awards, promoting UN Sustainable Development Goals through digital innovations.

Isabel Maria Álvaro Alonso

Isabel is Junior Manager in the Digital Public Policy department at Telefónica, responsible for matters relating to sustainability and online child protection. She participates in various working groups, both European and international, including ETNO, ERT, OECD, and GSMA. Her duties include monitoring and reviewing legislative changes or proposals on the aforementioned topics, as well as participating in the development of Telefónica’s position papers.

Educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Carlos III University of Madrid and a Master’s degree in Sustainable Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility from OBS Business School in collaboration with the University of Barcelona.

Laura Guobužaitė

Laura Guobužaitė is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in international business development and administrative management across diverse sectors, including fintech, ITC, transport, manufacturing. Her expertise encompasses executive consulting, operational management, business consulting, and capital raising services. With top-notch networking and lobbying skills, Laura is adept at fostering valuable connections and driving strategic initiatives.

Laura holds certifications as a Fintech Practitioner from The London Institute of Banking & Finance and as a Leader of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. Previously, she served as the Head of the Lithuanian representation office, where she played a pivotal role in establishing a new office in Brazil. Her efforts contributed to enhancing B2B gateways and opening export markets, effectively bridging relationships between Lithuania and foreign governments, private enterprises, and non-profit organizations.

Throughout her career, Laura has undertaken international assignments in Sweden and Brazil, engaging in various projects and building extensive networks in countries such as Chile, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, and Ethiopia. Her multifaceted experiences and strategic insights make her a valuable asset in navigating complex global landscapes and driving sustainable growth initiatives.

Lina Lelesiene

Lina Lelesiene currently serving as the Head of the IT division at the State Data Protection Inspectorate of Lithuania. With a fervent dedication to safeguarding digital landscapes, her expertise traverses the intricate realms of cyber security, particularly focusing on digital platforms and the transformative power of emerging technologies like AI. Her journey in cyber security began with her academic pursuits. Graduating with a master's degree in Cyber Security Management from Mykolas Romeris University of Lithuania, she equipped herself with a robust foundation in understanding and mitigating cyber threats in the modern digital era. Undeterred by the complexities of the field, she continues to expand her knowledge and expertise as a Ph.D. candidate at Mykolas Romeris University, delving deeper into the nuances of cyber security and insights.

Miguel Vidal

Miguel Vidal is a Senior Economist at Deutsche Telekom, overseeing key developments in the telecommunications industry, the digital economy, and geopolitics. With over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications sector, the digital transformation has accompanied his entire professional journey – continually fascinating him anew. Since 2007, Miguel has contributed to Deutsche Telekom’s public affairs department, focusing on issues related to network deployment and digital policy.

Miguel holds a Ph.D. in Economics obtained from the University of Bonn and has a strong academic background, with numerous publications in respected journals.

Monojit Das

Dr. Monojit Das, Ph.D in cyber governance , presently Executive Editor of IADN (Indian Aerospace and Defence News), India's leading news portal on security affairs since 2012. Author/editor of multiple books on national security and serve as an invited curriculum development member on subjects related to security studies.

Sofia Rasgado

Sofia Rasgado is a sociologist, with a Master's degree in Public Health from the National School of Public Health - Nova University Lisbon, and several specialisation courses in Cybersecurity from the SANS Institute. She currently works at the National Cybersecurity Centre, where she is responsible for the coordination of the Portuguese Safer Internet Centre. Since 2015, she has participated in IGF and EuroDIG discussions, particularly on topics such as human rights online and No Hate Speech movement; children in the digital environment; media literacy; Youth participation and INSAFE network best practices, among others.

Wout de Natris

Wout is an Internet governance expert. Currently he is coordinator for the IGF Internet Standards, Security and Safety Coalition (IS3C). IS3C strives to make the internet more secure and safer through the wide-spread deployment of existing, security-related Internet standards and ICT best practices.

Wout co-owns and consults for the digital security consultancy company MKB Cyber Advies Nederland. Currently he provides a cyber security awareness training programme for the horticultural sector in The Netherlands.